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torture motherfucker

2016-04-04 20:17:39 by solamander

ill fuckin, ill fuckin tie you to a bedpost with your ass cheeks all spread out and get a clothes hanger and let that shit sit on the stove for like half an hour and then stick it in your ass real slow like 


god is dead

2016-03-19 14:31:35 by solamander

and no one cares

its like a jungle sometimes

2016-02-17 08:38:19 by solamander

makes me wonder how i keep from going under 

rick and morty

2016-02-07 12:19:42 by solamander

go watch it very good show

dylann roofs personal hell

2016-02-07 03:32:58 by solamander

they watch over him every second of every day5012777_145483395473_photos-dylann-storm-roof-rhodesian-website.jpg

hahaha fuck you tom fulp 

its my birthday :)

2015-12-02 07:17:01 by solamander

i turn 16 in about four hours

fuck you tom fulp

2015-11-27 22:53:54 by solamander

fuck you dude 

fuck you newgrounds

2015-11-11 10:06:02 by solamander


i lied